The #1 Difference Between an Intermediate and an Advanced Lifter

The #1 Difference Between an Intermediate and an Advanced Lifter

In my opinion there are only 4 levels of lifters, where 99% of people stay inside of the first 3, and 50% stay inside of the first 2. 

Level 1 - Beginner - Less than 1 year of lifting, may or may not enjoy actually going to the gym, random runners, lifters to enjoy more eating/drinking. 

Level 2 - Intermediate - 1-5 years of lifting, enjoys the gym but not serious about it, doesn't follow a program or track their progression, a typical lifter for better health. 

Level 3 - Advanced - At least 3+ years lifting and very much enjoys the entire process of lifting, follows a program and/or is working with a professional coach for optimal lifts, thinking about or working on competitive fitness options. 

Level 4 - Expert - 5+ years at least, could be a qualified lifting coach, veteran lift programming and understands the importance of rest, dieting, and proper lifting techniques. 


So much of the fitness industry stays inside of Level 2 because either they don't have the knowledge to move into serious lifting, they don't want to have their day life revolve around the gym, or don't have the discipline for programming and dieting.

Everybody knows, but doesn't completely optimize, the diet that goes along with your lifting. Your macros, micros, and TDEE are all very important, if not the most important, to understand in order to achieve your ambitious fitness goals, but not the whole piece of the pie. 


Advanced lifters understand what is important to what is not a priority. If you are not enough enough protein and calories then your porgam won't matter because you won't be eating enough to build muscle.
If you are not resting at least 1-2 days a week then the stretching will not help rest your muscles. 
In order to become an advanced lifter from an intermediate lifter, prioritize the importan parts of fitness and then move up the pyramid. Once you have mastered your diet, move on to programming, then your sleep, then so on and so forth. 
Prioritize in order to optimize!
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